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 "The more you READ,

the more things that you'll KNOW.

The more that you LEARN,

the more places you'll GO."

-Dr. Seuss


My goal is for our students to become lifelong readers!

I have always had a passion for reading, and I strive to instill that passion in our students.


Students visit the library two times each week. Once for class time, another for book checkout.


Students are responsible for the books they borrow from the library!

Here are a few guidlines for handling library books:

1. Please keep the books in one place so that they can be returned on the date due. Students cannot check out new books if they are not returned. If books are lost, they must be paid for.

2. Please keep books away from food, drinks, pets, siblings, mud, rain, or anything else that might damage them.

3. Do not draw or write in the books.

4. Turn pages carefully to avoid rips and tears.

5. If you happen to be moving, please make sure that you return your books before leaving the school.

6. Return damaged books immediately. Often they can be repaired. If by chance they are unable to be fixed, they must be paid for.