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Each school year we have been putting into place some new USDA guidelines for even healthier meals for your child.  Sometimes, choices that are made for us can help make us healthier.  That is why we have to make subtle changes in our school meals each year.  Before, students were not required to take a fruit or vegetable at all, as long as they took 3 of the 5 food group items offered.  Now, they must choose at least one fruit or vegetable.  Don't 4get!  Take at least fruit or vegetable and at least three items total so your choices count as a complete lunch!


Our cafeteria staff looks forward to offering a variety of tasty and nutritious meals for students, staff and visitors both at breakfast and lunch.  Our cafeteria is equipped with a self-serve line on which is offered a choice of meats, cooked and fresh vegetables, fresh veggie bar, fresh and canned fruits or 100% fruit juice, bread items and low-fat milk choices  daily for lunch.

We want to encourage our students to eat a healthy breakfast to ensure a good start on their day and their learning experience.  Statistics show children who eat  breakfast are more alert and concentrate better during morning hours and tire less easily.  School nutrition has a motto  "YOU CANNOT TEACH A HUNGRY CHILD", and we are here to help solve that problem by offering UNIVERSAL BREAKFAST to all students.  There is no charge for any student breakfast.   We follow a county-wide menu which offers a variety of cereals, sausage biscuit, chicken biscuit, , egg cheese omelet biscuit, french toast/ syrup, breakfast pizza, poptarts  lowfat milk choice , fruit and  juice.  Students must choose a fruit or juice and 2 other food items to be a complete breakfast.  Students have variety of choices from 4 food groups, but one must be fruit or juice.

Despite the increase in food prices and cost of living  Hamblen County School Nutrition has chosen not to increase meal prices this year.  We hope you realize how much the health of your children means to us and that school meals are still the BEST BUY around.


BREAKFAST $0.00           LUNCH  $2.05        STAFF   $3.55       VISITORS LUNCH  $4.05

 You may deposit money to your child's account for meals weekly, monthly or in any amount you choose to deposit.  It works best to place your check or cash in an envelope with the child's name, I.D. number, and teacher on the outside.  If you do not pre-pay your child's meals, please be sure they have their money with them each day.

 My PaymentsPlus system is now available on-line for credit cards,  debit cards or e-checks .  The My PaymentsPlus System is available to everyone-accounts can be set up for use in checking the status of your childs account even if you prefer not to make on-line payments.

The Hamblen County School Board policy allows for only 3 emergency charges.  Charge letters are sent home weekly.  Please be prompt in taking care of these matters.  Free and reduced meal prices are available to those who qualify.  Check with your child's teacher, the main office, or cafeteria manager for necessary paperwork.  You may file for these benefits at any time during the year, but the paper work must be complete to receive these benefits, otherwise your child will be charged for their meal.  This is your responsibility and you will be required to pay any charges.

Hamblen County School Nutrition uses a county-wide centralized menu system for breakfast and lunch.  These menus are generated from our school nutrition supervisor and meet the USDA guidelines.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to Hamblen County School Nutrition, Jennifer Buchanan, supervisor.  As with all changes there will be a period of adjustment so we all must work together.

Serving nearly 31 million children every school day, the federally funded National School Lunch Program (NSLP) provides nutritionally balanced low-cost and free meals to students.  The program requires school meals meet federal nutrition standards.  Dietary guidelines dictate:

  • No more than 30% of calories can come form fat and less than 10% form saturated fat.
  • Over the course of 1 week, lunches must provide 1/3 of the recommended Dietary Allowances of protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin Ac, iron, calcium and calories.
  • Well balanced school lunches must include protein, fruit and vegetables, grains and lowfat milk and be served in appropriate portions.

So the next time you wonder "What's on my tray?" you can be assured that it is healthy, nutritious food that will help  our students learn which foods will keep them healthy, active and going strong!

As always we would like to encourage parents to join your child for school meals whenever possible.  You are always WELCOME!

If you have any questions concerning the cafeteria please feel free to contact cafeteria manager at 585-3747.