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The PTO at Fairview-Marguerite assists our school with many events including the Fall Fundraiser, RIF, Read Across America Day, Literacy Day, and Book Fairs. PTO provides lunch and refreshments for Teacher Appreciation week and Flex Hours. Watch your calendars and announcements for when this will take place.


Fairview-Marguerite Elementary School

Title I Parent Involvement Plan


     The Hamblen County School System and Fairview-Marguerite Elementary understand the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education and encourage parents to participate in their child’s education.  This plan is a joint collaboration to improve involvement at Fairview-Marguerite Elementary.  This plan will be made available in a language parents will understand and will be updated periodically.  This plan addresses three goals that we consider essential and significant.  These goals are:


     • To actively pursue family and community involvement as Partners in Education,

     • To support and be advocates for students’ educational needs, and

     • To enhance communication strategies.


The focus of this plan is to build a collaborative relationship among all stakeholders in the educational process including teachers, students, families and community members.


Goal 1: To actively pursue family and community involvement as Partners in Education.


1.           A school wide Open House will be held each year to orient parents to the school, inform parents of school wide test data, and encourage participation in volunteer programs.  In addition, each grade level will hold parent nights to discuss requirements and policies specific to each grade level.

2.           Fairview-Marguerite Elementary will host a Title I meeting to which all will be invited.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform parents of the Title I program and the Parent Involvement Plan.

3.           Fairview-Marguerite will invite parents throughout the year to special events such as Grandparents’ Day, Veteran’s Day, Christmas Program, Field Day, Honors Day, Read Across America, Field Trips, Living Museum, Science Fair, Literacy Day, Career Day, Book Fair, and numerous other events.

4.           At the end of each year, a PTO Board, comprised of parents and school staff that represent the diversity of the school and community, will be elected to meet with the Administrator.  This Board will meet quarterly during the following school year.

5.           Parent volunteers will be recruited and appointed to various committees, including the School Improvement Committee.

6.           Parent volunteers will be recruited to assist with special events such as Literacy Day and Field Day, assist teachers, proctor during TCAP, serve as mentors and reading buddies, and assist in the library during Book Fairs.

7.           Parents will be encouraged to visit the school and eat lunch with their chills.  They may also visit the classroom with prior approval from the teacher and administrator.

8.           All staff will schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences, IEP meetings, and/or other conferences at times parents can attend.


Goal 2:  To support and be advocates for students’ educational needs.


1.   Each parent, teacher, and student will be asked to sign a Parent/Student/Teacher compact.

2.   Input will be solicited from parents through letters and surveys.

3.   Parents will be appointed to various committees and to the School Improvement Committee.

4.   Parents will be given the school’s phone numbers, the teacher’s planning times, and the school’s e-mail addresses.

5.   Parents will be encouraged to use Parent Portal to monitor their child’s assignments and grades.

6.   Parents will be notified by phone or in writing if there is a discipline, attendance, health, or academic problem.


Goal 3:  To enhance communication strategies.


1.   The school will provide parents a copy of the Parent Involvement Plan on an annual basis.

2.   The school will keep an updated website.  Items on the website will include a Teacher Directory, Student Handbook, and Information Page. 

3.   Each year, parents will be given a copy of the Student Handbook, which includes a copy of the Dress Code, Information Page, Discipline Plan, and School Calendar.  School menus and special events will be sent home on a monthly basis.

4.   Teachers will provide information during Grade Level Parent Nights, Open House, and through newsletters, of classroom procedures, expectations, schedules, curriculum, and assessments.

5.   All students will utilize a daily planner and a Homework Folder that will inform parents of homework, special events, and any daily notes. 

6.   A school newsletter will be published and sent home monthly.

7.   Parents are notified by phone of any discipline, attendance, health, or academic problems.

8.   Teachers send mid-term grade reports home three weeks into the marking period.  Regular grade cards are sent home every six weeks.

9.   Upcoming events are posted on the school marquee.

10.        The school will utilize Parent Portal and Notify Me notification systems for important messages.  Parents can access student grades and missing assignments through Parent Portal.

11.        Reminder notes will be sent home before special events.

12.        The school will provide translation services whenever possible for non-English speaking parents and students.