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Good Reader Rules
1.  Uses your finger to track the words.
2.  Sound out new words.
3.  Look at the pictures for clues.
4.  READ, READ, READ !!!


Wish List
    1.  Treats for out treat jar.  This can be any individually wrapped candy.       Please no gum or hard candy.
    2.  Plain white paper plates for crafts.  Also foam or plastic for snacks.
    3.  Extra snack for students who forget.  Example:  Goldfish crackers,         Debbie cakes, fruit snacks, cookies, etc.
    4.  Craft items... wiggle eyes, puff paint, ribbon, and lace.
    5.  Plastic spoons and forks.


*Remember to read with your child each night.  Take time to practice your
child's homework study sheet and take home readers.

*Please send a jacket or sweater with your child
each day when the weather is cool.  If it is not raining, we try to go out
for a little while each day.

*If you have any small toys (example: McDonald's toys) you don't need, we
would appreciate it if you would donate them to our room for our treasure

*Remember to send snack for your child each day.  You may also send extra snack for the class if you wish.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.  I know your
child will have a great year in Kindergarten if we work together.